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School of Physical Education & Sport Science Laboratory-D.U.Th.


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The Therapeutic Exercise & Rehabilitation Division (or Lab) is primarily involved in the field of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases. It deals with:

– Evaluating all basic parameters taken into account during rehabilitation from a musculoskeletal injury or disease such as mobility of the injured joint, muscle flexibility, muscle performance, proprioception and functional movement

– Implementing rehabilitation programs and evaluating their results concerning the treatment of certain injuries or diseases of the musculoskeletal system: Customized planning and implementation of various rehabilitation programs based on the profile of each patient.

The experts’ focus has been mainly on developing and implementing exercise programs for injured athletes (especially in professional soccer players of the National Super League) and patients with chronic muscle skeletal problems such as spine dysfunctions.


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Working on sport injuries and musculoskeletal disorders more than 25 years !
Vivian (Paraskevi) Malliou

Professor -Physiotherapist

Natasa (Anastasia) Beneka

Professor - Athletic Trainer

Menia (Asimenia) Gioftsidou

Assoc. Professor - Athletic Trainer

Georgios Godolias

H. Professsor - Orthopedic Surgeon

Katerina Daskalaki

Exercise Expert

Sotiris Arsenis

Athletic Trainer

Souzana Kordosi

Exercise Expert

Georgios Pafis

Sport Trainer


Water Exercise Expert

Evangelia Makri

Water Exercise Expert


Exercise Expert


Sport Trainer


Our Erasmus+ Projects in detail ...

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The PReventive Outreach Through Exercise and Counseling Techniques in Soccer (PROTECTS) project is based on the interdisciplinary approach and its aim is to focus on the area of “protecting athletes –especially the youngest– from health and safety hazards by improving training and competition conditions”.



The HEALTHY project aims to design and to apply a program for pupils that will give them the opportunity to adopt a healthy lifestyle, while it will familiarize them with  Greek ancient and European  exercise games.


The WATCH project focus on the area of “protecting athletes  by improving training and competition conditions” while is focusing on an European grass-root sport, the wrestling.


Go FIT Erasmus+

The GO FIT  project aims to instill tourists that the healthier option is the easier option and at the same time to address the most frequent problems related to kinetic system decreased functionality throught exercise.