Nutritional and Physical Activity Advice for tourists

Various studies and meta-analysis have already doubted the positive effects of dieting on critical health indices such as Diabetes, Cholesterol, Triglycerides and Hypertension (Tomiyama, Ahlstrom, & Mann; 2013) with certain confounding factors (i.e. exercise, increased consumption of fruits and vegetables) being more likely to correspond to positive health effects in association to lifestyle factors.

Additionally, being overweight and obese (up to 35 > BMI) does not link to increased risks of morbidity and mortality (Flegal, Kit, Orbana, & Graubard, 2013) suggesting a detachment between weight loss efforts and potential health outcomes especially when lifestyle factors (like regular exercise and improved quality of food consumption) are in the focus of interventions aiming to improve health indices.

In order to follow applicable tips to change you nuticional and physical activity habbits during your vacation watch the following videos ! 

Physical Activity


Eating at the beach

Focusing on the right stimulus

Having Fun while exercising

Organising meals when on vacations

Staying active during your vacations


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